Importance of Dose Initiation and Titration

Ongoing patient assessment is key to managing outcomes.
Titration hinges on pain severity, patient response, and occurrence of adverse reactions.6

When deciding on initial dose of PRIALT, assessing your patient’s condition is key to managing the pain. Initiate dosing at no more than 2.4 mcg/day.6


The lowest initial starting dose of PRIALT that can be delivered through the Medtronic SynchroMed® II pump without dilution is 1.2 mcg/day. Example:

  • Lowest flow rate = 0.048 mL/day15
  • 25 mcg/mL × 0.048 mL/day = 1.2 mcg/day

When titrating up to 2.4 mcg/day, you can always opt to titrate to a lower dose and/or titrate less frequently. The maximum dose should not exceed 19.2 mcg/day.

Important Safety Information

The most frequently reported adverse reactions (≥25%) in clinical trials (n=1254 PRIALT-treated patients) were dizziness, nausea, confusional state, and nystagmus. Slower titration of PRIALT may result in fewer serious adverse reactions and discontinuations for adverse reactions.

Please see full Prescribing Information, including BOXED Warning, and click here for additional Important Safety Information.

References: 6. PRIALT [package insert]. Palo Alto, CA: Jazz Pharmaceuticals; February 2013. 15. Targeted drug delivery: SynchroMed II infusion pump performance data. Medtronic for Healthcare Professionals Web site. Updated July 31, 2012. Accessed December 29, 2013.
Importance of Titration
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