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PRIALT is intended for severe chronic pain in adults

It can be difficult to explain your severe chronic pain to family, friends, or even your doctor. It can feel like no one understands what you’re going through. And it can be frustrating to have more questions than answers. But you’re not alone.

In the United States, more than 22 million adults are living with severe chronic pain of some kind.

PRIALT is a prescription medicine used to treat severe chronic pain in adults who cannot take other treatments or when other treatments do not work, stop working, or cause bothersome side effects.

PRIALT is a non narcotic treatment option

Narcotics, spinal cord stimulation, and nerve blocks may have worked for you at first, but eventually those treatments may have caused intolerable side effects, or perhaps didn’t provide consistent or sufficient pain relief.

Patients suffering from severe chronic pain may have tried multiple treatments and medications and may not have been able to find a solution that works for them. Not all treatment options are appropriate for every patient, or for every type of severe chronic pain.

PRIALT prevents the transmission of pain signals

PRIALT, a non narcotic, binds to N-type calcium channels in the spinal cord according to results from animal studies. This prevents pain signals from reaching the brain.

PRIALT relies on a process called “intrathecal infusion” (a pump is placed in the body with a line that delivers medication directly into the spinal fluid), which allows medication to be delivered closer to the pain site.